Homemade Colored Sanding Sugar

Recently I needed blue sanding sugar for an order and I didn't have any.  Sure you can purchase blue sanding sugar and I've actually purchased in the past, Now I've read plenty of articles on how to make your own but it always seemed like way too much work, as most of the recipes I've read included having to bake the colored sugar in an oven for a few hours to help dry out the added color. Who has time for that, I know I don't. 

The first recipe I read the night I needed this said to place food coloring into a half cup of granulated white sugar and shake vigorously. When that didn't work I took out some latex free food safe gloves like these  and massaged the food coloring into the granulated sugar. I am a big fan of Americolor Soft Gels and I used Royal Blue to get the color I wanted. Americolor has some of the most vibrant colors on the market for cake/cookie decorating. 

After massaging the soft gel into the granulated sugar for 3-5 minutes I placed the colored sugar on a parchment lined cookie sheet and let it dry at room temperature for 30 minutes, stirring it ever 5 minutes or so to encourage it to dry evenly.  After the granulated sugar was dry, I took a small sifter/strainer like this and placed the colored sanding sugar in a little bit at a time and sifted it into a mason jar. Any clumps left in the sifter I threw away leaving me a perfectly fine blue colored sanding sugar that I can now use to sprinkle on cookies like these. These cookies I made as a sample for the officers at my local Blooming Prairie Police Department, as I will be working with them National Night Out August 2017. Cookies like the ones pictured here will be for the residents of Blooming Prairie to enjoy as they come out and meet other fellow residents. National Night Out is great for communities to come out and support their local departments and get to know each other better. 2016-10-01185714-1jpg
I made 1 1/2 cups of blue sanding sugar so that I have it on hand the next time I need some. I will be making other colors in the near future so that I don't need to run out and buy colored sugar when I have the ingredients at home to make a rainbow of different colors. 
The finished product came out very nice. 2016-09-30190335jpg