Confections by Karen is now offering 

Cake Donuts and Danish Pastries.

Please note that Cake Donuts need to be ordered 2-3 days before you need them as they are made fresh the morning of your order.
Available in plain, sugar, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, chocolate glaze & vanilla glaze.  

*Please specify if you would like sprinkles, powdered sugar, chocolate glaze, etc.
Cake Donuts are $11 per dozen

Danish Pastries need to be ordered 3-5 days before you need them as they take 2 days to make.  
Filling options available are: Strawberry Jam, Raspberry Jam, Apple Cinnamon Filling,
*Lemon Curd Filling available at an increased fee of $0.50 per pastry ordered.  

*Jams & Fillings are home canned and/or produced by me, no store bought fillings are used.
*Minimum order of 1 dozen Pastries
Pinwheel Danish Pastries are $18 per Baker's Dozen

Cake Donuts & Pastries are great for corporate/staff meetings, family brunches, bridal & baby showers, etc

Confections by Karen is wanting to learn to make more pastries including croissants, so be sure to stay tuned for further updates.