Baby Shower Cookies & Gourmet Cupcakes


Category Cupcakes

Thank you for your order, here is your custom link to pay for 2 dozen gourmet cupcakes (6 Turtle Pecan, 6 Choc Cream Cheese, 6 White Chocolate Strawberry & 6 Luscious Lemon) and 2 dozen decorated sugar cookies 4 painted gold 3.5 inch elephants, 4 palm leaves on heart cookie cutter, 4 stenciled baby painted gold, 4 baby rattles with bow painted gold, 4 onesies with heart in middle painted gold, 4 giraffe cookies painted gold. 

Please pay this invoice in full by Friday August 27, 2021 so that I may get the cookie cutters needed for this order, ordered and here before the baby shower.  I'll send you my address in an email along with discussing pickup time. 

Disclaimer: Shipping isn't available in Minnesota. When it asks you to put your delivery address in, please do so; all items will be picked up at my home in Blooming Prairie on date agreed upon. Photo on this invoice will not be what the AAUW Welcome Back cookies will look like.