Due to ingredient price increases in 2022 there will be a surcharge of $2 on every dozen ordered till further notice. Effective 6/2022

$12 per 1/2 pound, $22 per pound including sales tax.
Flavors: Butter Rum, Butterscotch, Cinnamon, or Vanilla
Delicious homemade caramels are perfect for anytime of the year, not just the holidays.

Lefse 2022 Prices
3 for $6
6 for $12
12 for $20
*Only available by pre-order in November & December of each year.

My lefse has been tested at Minnesota Valley Testing Lab in New Ulm, MN and has tested as non potentially hazardous under Minnesota Cottage Food Law. 

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  • homemade caramels
  • homemade lefse
  • homemade caramels

Email me at confectionsbykaren@gmail.com to inquire about your cookie, caramel or lefse* order. The more information you include in your email the better I am able to assist you.  You may also contact me at 507-340-0171